Cricket is a wearable sensor for Muscles, Heart, Brain, Posture, and Movement.

It is used for research, ergonomics, physical therapy, occupational therapy,
biofeedback, sports science, and physical rehabilitation.

“Sensor based training with the Somaxis Cricket was the single biggest factor in my recovery from a repetitive strain injury. It created a real-time feedback loop to address the root cause head on. The Cricket also helps me work comfortably knowing that I will not re-injure myself.” -Kelsey S.

  • Cricket contains powerful EXG and IMU sensors that measure and train muscles (EMG), heart (EKG), brain (EEG), posture and movement.
  • Industrial-strength biofeedback interfaces are optimized for behavioral retraining, and allow customizable training and testing configurations.
  • Access to both raw and filtered data is provided via Halosphere, the web portal.
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  • How it works:
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  • Cricket (sensor) talks to Chirp (iPad app) using Bluetooth.
  • Chirp (iPad, offline) views and records real-time data.
  • Chirp (iPad, online) synchs data to Halosphere cloud server, and views server-generated Reports.
  • Halosphere (computer, online web portal) views Reports, and exports raw and filtered data
  • “I’m an executive assistant. Even though I’m only 31, I noticed that I have already started developing back pain and pain in my jaw from clenching my muscles. I got training from a specialist using Somaxis muscle sensors, and after only a few training sessions I found that my back pain, jaw pain, and muscle tension decreased significantly, both at work and at home. I am really grateful for this training.” -Vanessa N.

    Data acquisition (and training) tool for:
    research, ergonomics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, biofeedback, sports science, and physical rehabilitation

    Cricket by Somaxis

    “I’m an office administrator for an advertising agency. The job requires me to multitask and liaise between clients, vendors and our designers. My body incurred aches and pains through work. I had severe neck pain and back pain. I did not know what to expect when my physical therapist started retraining my muscles using Crickets. I was shocked to see the high levels of tension in my body during functional activities. I quickly learned how to correct my behavior to achieve relaxation / minimize muscle tension. I see the benefits of the new techniques in my daily life. Things like walking, cooking, sitting and standing, typing, answering phone calls and even swinging a golf club no longer hurts. This has enhanced my quality of life tremendously.” -Jean W.

    Cricket Floats
    Cricket Floating Traps
    Cricket Floating Lumbar
    A technological leap forward with this patented design: Cricket “floats” above skin during movement, absorbing shock and minimizing skin stretch noise.


    Cricket Chirp
    Cricket Chrip iPad
    Cricket Chirp iPad

    “I am now making a conscious effort to drop my hand to the side while mousing. I feel armed with the information that was shared with me about the tension points in my body, and I am now more sensitive to proper posture.” -Melissa L.



    “On the basis of this data, they can see how altering their behavior affects their performance. The ultimate design challenge is how you challenge yourself to improve your performance…” -Tim Ritchie, President of The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose

    Cricket is not certified for use as a lifesaving medical device. It should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. It should not be used in place of medical advice. If you have any health concerns, speak with your primary care physician.