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Crickets are truly wireless wearable sensors that measure signals from your muscles (sEMG), heart (EKG), brain (EEG), and position / movement. Ergonomists, sports scientists, and researchers will appreciate streamlined ergonomic evaluations, customizable testing configurations, automatic analyses, automatic report generation, and cross-platform data access via the web portal. Live data can be streamed and viewed remotely via the web portal (in beta).

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Cricket is appropriate for use as a personal tension monitor as well as a research-grade biosensor.

Crickets include a 1-axis EXG sensor (sEMG, EKG, or EEG), a 6-axis IMU (Δx, Δy, Δz, pitch, yaw, roll), on-board memory, an interrupt event co-processor, and haptic feedback. EXG is sampled at 1,000 s/s and has 16-bit ADC resolution. IMU data is sampled at 30 s/s and has 16-bit ADC. Internal lithium ion batteries are rechargeable in 3 hours and last for 11 hours of continuous use. Standby time is 2 days.

Crickets are guaranteed functional and to be free of manufacturing defects for 30 days from date of purchase (Manufacturer’s Warranty). An extended Cricket Care Plan is available that covers your Cricket against two incidents of accidental damage for a period of two (years) after date of purchase.

A note for professional ergonomists: Estimated time to complete an Ergo Eval is 20 minutes with 4 Crickets, and 40 minutes with 1 Cricket.

Cricket requires the use of an iPad running Chirp, a free iPad app available on Apple’s app store.

Chirp presently supports up to 4 simultaneous Crickets, though multiple iPads can be simultaneously recording and connected to your Halosphere web account.

Crickets require the use of Patches for EXG data (sold separately). Crickets do not require the use of Patches for IMU (movement / position) data.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 x 5.5 x 3.75 in