What do I need to know about batteries / power?

By July 19, 2016 No Comments

Cricket uses an internal lithium ion battery that is rechargeable via the USB port on the device.

For regulatory and safety reasons, the device does not function when plugged into a power source (by USB).

You should not charge your device using a computer’s USB port. Use a power outlet on the wall, or plug into an extension strip using a power-to-USB adapter (such as the one that was included with your iPad / that you may use when you charge your iPad).


It takes 3 hours to fully charge your Cricket. iPads actually take a bit longer (5 – 7 hours) to fully charge, so you should also pay attention to your iPad’s battery life when planning your Cricket use.

The power level is reported to the iPhone app when the device is NOT charging (and when it is in active use). This is reported as a % Battery remaining.

A Cricket sensor lasts 11 hours when transmitting data in real-time via Bluetooth at 1000 s/s 16-bit EXG + 30 s/s & 16-bit IMU (x,y,z,p,r,y) simultaneously.

A Cricket lasts 48 hours in Standby Mode (aka “off”). Tip: fully charge the Cricket (and your iPad!) the night before on days when you plan to use it the next day.