产品_22”Sensor based training with the Somaxis Cricket was the single biggest factor in my recovery from a repetitive strain injury. It created a real-time feedback loop so I myself could address the root cause head on. The Cricket also helps me work comfortably knowing that I will not re-injure myself.” -Kelsey S.
产品_19“I was an office administrator for an advertising agency. The job required me to multitask and liaise between clients, vendors and our designers. My body incurred aches and pains through work. I had severe neck pain and back pain. I did not know what to expect when I started retraining my muscles. I was shocked to see the high levels of tension in my body during functional activities. I quickly learned how to correct my behavior to achieve relaxation / minimize muscle tension. I could see the benefits of the new techniques in my daily life. Things like walking, cooking, sitting and standing, typing, answering phone calls and even swinging a golf club no longer hurt. I can attest that this has enhanced my quality of life tremendously.” -Jean W.
产品_14“The advice you provided to me during my evaluation was very helpful, and I am now making a conscious effort to drop my hand to the side while mousing. I feel armed with the information that you shared with me about the tension points in my body, and I am now more sensitive to proper posture.” -Melissa L.
产品_11“I’m an executive assistant at Facebook. I work long hours and my job is demanding. Even though I am only 31 years old, I noticed that I have already started developing back pain and pain in my jaw from clenching my muscles. I got training using Somaxis muscle sensors, and after only a few training sessions I found that my back pain, jaw pain, and muscle tension decreased significantly, both at work and at home. I am really grateful for this training as it has allowed me to keep working, pain-free.” -Vanessa N.
产品_06“I’ve always known I had bad posture, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I met Alex and went through the assessment and training program. Since then I’ve been much more aware of the stress I put on my body and have been able to make sustainable improvements to both my home and work environments. Most importantly I’ve been able to prevent the injuries associated with sitting at my desk for long hours. I’ve learned to pay attention to the signals my body is giving me and be more mindful!” -Abhishek B.
产品_30“This is great… How do we get one of these at home?? …Thank you for allowing me to be part of this, it’s really fantastic!” -Sam Liccardo, Mayor of the City of San Jose At BodyMetrics exhibit launch in San Jose, wearing a Somaxis Cricket sensor
产品_27“On the basis of this data, they can see how altering their behavior affects their performance. The ultimate design challenge is how you challenge yourself to improve your performance… [BodyMetrics] is the most technologically advanced exhibit attempted by any science center, anywhere. “ -Tim Ritchie, President of The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose
产品_03“Together, in the BodyMetrics Exhibit, we are delivering a singular, high-tech experience that encourages people to explore the data that their bodies generate and discover creative ways to use the data to promote health and wellness.” -Chris Boyd, Senior VP, Kaiser Permanente